I Was Never This Big

by Stacey on May 7, 2012

Still Look Pregnant

This is an original post written by Danielle at Obsession Bella. Thank you for listening to her story.

I have been asked several times “when are you due?” or something along the lines of that.

The first time was at the grocery store. The cashier was asking me how old my 2 daughters were (they were 4 and 2), and she’s like, “and you’re having another”! I had a little laugh, but then thought…am I really THAT big to look like I’m pregnant? And every time I look at myself, I AM that big. I’m not wide, but my belly looks like I am about to pop out a baby any second. Sometimes I wish I was pregnant again because that would give me a perfect reason as to why I look pregnant. Anyway, so I just laughed a little and told her I wasn’t expecting another.

Another time was on Halloween of 2010.  The lady at one of the houses asked when I was due, and I said I wasn’t pregnant. She felt so bad and kept apologizing. Saying that we’d never want to go to her house again (which really didn’t matter because I didn’t know her in the first place). But how is someone supposed to react when someone asks them something like that?

It makes me so upset with myself. I was never this big, and I am not okay being this way. I’ve tried doing something about it, but it seems no matter what I do, I can’t lose weight.

Another time was when I was taking my daughter to the ER and when I went up to the desk, the lady asked me if it had anything to do with my pregnancy. I was like, “”I’m not pregnant”” and she actually tried to pull it off by saying it was just something they always have to ask. Which I know is BS. I have been to the ER when I WAS pregnant and they NEVER asked that.

I watch What Not To Wear all the time too. I was actually watching it last night and typed in “”How to hide a pregnant looking belly”” on Google and found this website.

Maybe one of these days I can get rid of this belly…or at least hide it.

Danielle is a mother of 2 girls. They were both born on May 12th, exactly 2 years apart. She is a Mommy Blogger and writes at adeliciousobsession.com.

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1 Danielle May 31, 2013 at 4:05 am

Ha! I forgot all about writing this post! Such memories. It’s amazing what having kids can do to the woman’s body. I remember before I got pregnant, I was a size 9 and weighed 140lbs. I thought I was fat. Now.. after having 3 kids, I’m a size 13 and weigh around 180 give or take. I know I’ve actually lost some since I have moved back to my hometown and actually get out more. I recently left the relationship I was in for 8 years; also the father to all 3 of my kids. It was just time. We are starting a new life here in Oregon and it’s much better. I moved back here on March 19th and have actually had another “I’m not pregnant” incident. My friend and I were at the DHS office trying to get information for me to apply for a domestic violence grant and the lady said something along the lines of, “since you are pregnant….”. Every time I hear those words or anything like it, I always have to look at myself and I still wonder, “am I really THAT big?” Haha. I don’t think I do anymore. Of course, my belly isn’t flat, but it’s not “ready to pop” anymore. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to post on your site and I am so happy I found this. I was actually viewing my statcounter and saw someone had found my site through yours. I didn’t recognize the site same and I wondered how my link ended up here, haha. Take care!

2 Lizard Earnest July 31, 2013 at 9:41 am

I too get the “how far along are you” fairly often. Most times I play along because the person asking gets so mortified that I get embarrassed for their embarrassment. I have had people actually shout out what the sex of my “baby” is. Luckily I have always been overweight (5’10, 180-230lbs over the years) but the troubling part of my situation is that I had a terrible time conceiving my one and only child and we desperately wanted more children which didn’t happen. Trying to conceal my pot belly only fuels the inquiries. I do wear dresses a lot because I also like to be comfortable and stretchy fabrics seem to be the norm in plus-size clothing, I think we all just have to own our pot bellies and realize that is could always be worse. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. There is always somebody out there more fat, looking at you and wishing they could have your shape!

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