I Hate Feeling Pregnant

by Stacey on January 15, 2012

This is an original post written by Tabatha. Thank you for listening to her story.

My daughter is now two and half years old,  and I have always got the “I thought you got fixed” question from people.  I have lost 132 pounds since giving birth, I am down to 213, but unlike most women my weight is all in my very round pregnant looking belly.

I just got hired at a gas station and my boss thought I was pregnant. He wanted to give me a 5x shirt to “grow” into. I wanted to yell at her but I laughed and said if I am pregnant there are some doctors that have some explaining to do.

I hate feeling pregnant.

I want it to go away but it seems the more weight I loose the more I look pregnant.

Tabatha is a 30 year old mom of five (4 with feet and 1 with wings)

Creative Commons License photo credit: ripkas

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