Working on Being Comfortable with My Belly

by Stacey on November 7, 2011

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still look pregnantI am so happy to find this website.  I really thought I might be the only person who still looks pregnant!  Actually, if I hold my belly in, I don’t look pregnant, but this is not really comfortable.

I have been listening to this incredible series of interviews which you can find at The Body Image Revolution.  The last speaker was a woman who wrote a book called The Woman’s Belly Book: Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure and she talks about how she yo yo dieted for years before realizing that she could love her belly, and embrace it as the center of her femininity.

I love that concept, but I have a hard time not holding my belly in, because I am afraid of people thinking I am pregnant.  Yes, people have thought that after both my pregnancies.

It is encouraging — really encouraging — to hear that other people get this response too.

I have been wondering,

Is it a big deal if someone thinks I’m pregnant?  Does it really matter?

What if my fear is keeping me living in shame and keeping me from really loving my body and myself?”

Now that I know lots of other women still look pregnant, or look pregnant even if they have never had a baby, I am not going to be so worried.  I do think bellies are cute and feminine, and a person who looks comfortable in their body is generally attractive.

If anyone wants to read a really great article by Lisa Sarasohn, check out The Goddess Ungirdled.  It’s an article on how she came to love her belly.

I am encouraged and going to work on being comfortable with my belly.

Stephanie is a mommy of a three year old boy and ten month old girl.  Her blog is

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